Attention all succulent lovers - your wedding is up for a treat!

When we sat to plan the look and feel of these beautiful Wedding Invitation Cards, there was only one thing on our mind, Sonora, the beautiful northern state of Mexico with all its beautiful natural beauty. Sonora is the home of the Altar desert, a vast and wild natural space with unique flora and fauna that includes beautiful succulent plants.  So, it made a lot of sense to feature these plants as part of the design, making these Wedding Invitation Cards a true celebration for succulent lovers. 

Wedding Invitation Cards - Sonora

The Sonora Wedding Invitation Cards come printed on both sides, one side feature a pattern dedicated to these beautiful plants and the other side allows for space dedicated to your event details. We used natural colors that align with the nature of these beautiful succulents and their surrounding. The info side contains two decorated fonts that will keep your guests cheering and excited for your special coming event. Alternatively, we can customize your fonts and colors if you want to add your extra personal touch.

Succulent themed wedding

As you can imagine, this theme goes amazing with real succulents. So it’s easy to create a full atmosphere by including some in your wedding decoration. They can be everywhere, in your centerpieces, your gazebo, even your bouquet. Here are some great examples to get you inspired. It would be all coordinated, including obviously your wedding invitations.

Wedding Stationery - Sonora

If you wanted to get your event going with more matching stationery pieces, our Wedding Invitation Cards come with matching Lined Envelopes. Plus, we have more products like table cards, table numbers, and even menus that will tie your actual event to all the correspondence your guest received – making it a fully branded succulent inspired event!

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